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The new IWC Portofino Replica is a truly stunning timepiece. This amazing complication timepiece features eight different patents. Six of them are unique. This timepiece has the thinnest case on the market, measuring just 7.9mm. IWC Portofino Replica's novelty also features an in-house, unique flying tourbillon, which for the first time is paired with a moving balance. Limited edition of 75 pieces, the Master Ultra-Thin Minute Repetition Flying Tourbillon is also known as Hybris Mechanica Eleven.

It would be a shame to not start with the inner-parts of this watch, which are both impressive individually and when combined into a Caliber 362 as well. The self-winding mechanism is one of the thinnest minute repeater mechanisms in the entire world. It has a thickness of only 4.8mm. It is made up of 471 parts, including the patented tourbillon. Other components include a high performance new balance spring, a minute repeater with a silent time-lapse reduction system and a peripheral automatic-winding system. The innovative in-house Tourbillon, which is revealed at 6 o'clock on the dial,Replica Watches features for the first-time a flying-balance-wheel that allows both the balance-wheel as well as the spring to be seen clearly. The balance spring has been fixed above the balance-wheel, which reduces overall thickness.

A second innovation which contributes to the slimmer body of the watch, is the oscillating peripheral mass. This has a segment made from platinum visible through the small apertures on the outer rim that are covered with sapphire. The watch oscillates both clockwise and anti-clockwise, but the mechanism is only wound by movements in the clockwise direction.

The IWC Portofino Replica is equipped with trebuchet hammers that were first introduced in 2009, and which provide optimal energy transfer to gongs. They also produce a cleaner strike on the two crystal gongs attached to the sapphire. The traditional architecture of the watch pays homage to historic timepieces from the brand. This is something that the famous watchmaker was thinking about when making this work of art. The minute repeater is a striking of hours, quarters, and minutes.Rolex Submariner Replica It's activated with a single retractable push button. Then, the push piece returns to its original position, maintaining the perfect symmetry.

The bridges are made of a copper-nickelzinc alloy called Maillechort, as a tribute to IWC Portofino Replica and their pocket watches. The movement has been beautifully decorated with Cotes de Geneve finishing and hand-beveling.

IWC Ingenieur Replica

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